About ADV

How ADV is different!

“Created by qualified Australian teachers for Australian teachers.
A unique holistic dance program for everyone who loves to dance.
And isn’t that everyone!”
Penny Lancaster, Founding President

Penny Lancaster – Founder

Australian Dance Vision was founded in 1989 by Penny Lancaster, Sydney dance teacher, in conjunction with other dance teachers and assessors. Penny felt the need for a comprehensive assessment program which was Australian owned and developed that allowed students to progress at their own pace.

ADV founders created a “vision” in a new, pioneering approach to assessing young dancers. This created a benchmark unique Australian dance society and syllabus service organisation.

ADV addresses the dancer as a complete person, along with the fundamentals of classical, jazz, tap and contemporary technique. Young dancers are taught elements of body science, nutrition, personal awareness, critical thinking as well as dance history and musicality. They are encouraged to improvise and choreograph. The students are assessed in a non-threatening environment. Dance teachers welcome this approach as the student progresses at her/his own rate and in keeping with their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

ADV listens to its members, dance teachers, studio owners, government schools and independent schools, encouraging their input into improvements of both syllabuses and assessment processes. ADV provides teacher and school/studio support through regular professional development workshops and our newsletter To The Pointe.

All income generated remains in Australia and creates employment in the Australian arts industry. We aim to assist, not just potential dancers, but creative individuals, choreographers, teachers, dance administrators and articulate, intelligent dance audience members.

The People Behind ADV

President – Founding Honorary Director
General Manager
Penny Lancaster

CEO/CIO – Honorary Director
John Lancaster

Assistant General Manager
Relationship Manager
Helen Rawlings

Relationship Manager
Joey Curcio

Vivian Tang

Technical Assessors
Currently 16+ technical assessors all suitably qualified and dance oriented meet ADV’s stringent guidelines for dance examinations/assessments.

Vicki Attard – Patron

Patron Vicki Attard
Former principal of The Australian Ballet. Vicki firstly became aware of ADV through a dance colleague at The Australian Ballet who had become a teacher of The Australian Dance Vision syllabus. She felt an immediate connection to the core values of promoting a well-rounded dancer and person through the incorporation of body science, safe dance and nutrition from a young age, supplemented by the importance of dance history and choreography.

Technical support
ADV gratefully acknowledges support from Apple®,  Microsoft®, FileMaker® and the Lancaster family in provision of platforms, funding, customisations and other intellectual property /licenses deployed by ADV to service all teachers, students, schools and other organisations served by ADV, since inception in 1990, in technical support and evolution of dance education in all forms.