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Focus on Dance Education

ADV has evolved to become a premiere Australian society dedicated to provision of professional dance education and examination syllabus covering classical ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance styles. ADV always recognises the ultimate “stakeholder” as the young dancers and teachers of the next generations.

Syllabus & Assessment Programs

ADV has created over 50+ individual lesson plans with embedded academic elements for nutrition, body science, safe dance, history (of each style being taught). Coupled with objective based assessments combining dance performance and knowledge, music theory, student choreography and open marking systems, the student is taught in a holistic manner. ADV is an enriching program for young dancers ready for careers in and beyond pure dance.

Not-for-Profit & Tax Deductibility

ADV is a non-profit member-based co-operative dance society which has invested in improved methods for education and training of students and teachers of dance. Under ACN/ASIC authority, ADV is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation which can receive donations that are tax deductible.