Being a dance style that originates from the popular culture of the day, jazz is forever changing. While it is good to accommodate the latest trends there is much more to jazz dance. Having a syllabus to work from ensures that teachers do more than teach what they feel like on the day. In this way students are assured teaching that will help them develop progressively in jazz dance skills and technique.

The ADV jazz syllabus has at its base a strong technical component for the serious dancer. It also allows teacher flexibility in teaching the latest trends through student and teacher choreographed creative exercises and dance performances. The curricula includes the history of jazz dance with the opportunity for students to experience music from various eras as well as dancing to the latest musical styles.  The ADV syllabus technical work is enriched by additional body science and jazz history worksheets.

The syllabus was originally developed by Petrina Cutt working in conjunction with a number of other jazz teachers - in particular Lisa Peresan and Kate Nicholson.  Major improvements and additions to all the jazz syllabus has been created by Monika Urquhart, Simona Wood, Rory Williamson and Jessica Crichton.  The ADV jazz syllabus is one of the most comprehensive available and ensures a full learning experience for students.