ADV Contemporary Syllabus ( Cert II )

The ADV contemporary syllabus has been developed to give a basic solid foundation in an ever- evolving dance movement style.The syllabus draws from the roots of contemporary dance echoing it's heritage from modern dance and also affirming the essential basis of balletic technique. Creative expression plays a large role in contemporary dance therefore some freedom with musical accompaniment and style is encouraged in the syllabus. Developed originally by Jessica Conneely and drawn from many years of training, performance and education in contemporary styles both here in Australia, Europe and Asia.

As there is no single established movement style or technique in contemporary, the syllabus is designed to start with a basic and solid grounding in technique and structure for which a student can gain body awareness and knowledge of a fast moving and ever-changing movement form.

Underpinned  with dance education in body science, nutrition, physiology, kinesiology, anatomy, terminology, music, history and choreography the syllabus allows the student to really gain a great knowledge of the craft.

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