The ADV classical ballet syllabus gives the student a balanced, comprehensive and progressive training in this beautiful art form. The syllabus includes creative and flowing exercises at the barre. In the centre there are choreographed port de bras and allegros which challenge and inspire. Each level within the Classical syllabus is progressive so that the student gains strength and understanding of musicality and dance quality. The ADV syllabus technical work is enriched by additional body science and classical ballet history worksheets.

Creator Penny Lancaster worked with a number of dance teachers and assessors to create the classical syllabus. Most notably Glenda Lloyd, Bella Swartzberg, Peta Davidson and Dilys Yap. In more recent times Mandy Dodd and Nathaniel Lamond have improved and added extensive exercises to the syllabus.

The music was chosen by Penny Lancaster and June Haythorn (a dance school pianist for many years) from composers from the 19 century and is beautiful to listen to and inspiring to dance. Performance, computer sequencing and typesetting of  music scores was developed by Derek Williams, B. Mus, Dip.Tchg, FTCL, L.Mus.TCL.